Since we decided to start DOME Consulting in June of 2000, taking advantage of the experience previously accumulated in the tourism sector, we have gone a long and exciting way. In all these years, DOME has given us great moments, although we have also had complicated moments which we have overcome thanks to the work and effort of all, which has allowed us to be celebrating today these 15 years of existence. We have grown and evolved with our customers and with each and every one of the workers that have belonged to this and a large family. Working side by side in each development, in each implementation, as well as in the international expansion of the company.

We are pleased to have collaborated during these 15 years with the best companies and tourist groups in the country. Thanks to them, DOME account today, with more than 70 professionals of an excellent technological component and a very high Tourist Know-how, whose mission has been to advise and analyze the needs of our customers to provide the best solution. adapt to your needs.

Our commitment to excellence, competitiveness and innovation as strategic values has allowed us to become the benchmark in terms of technological tools for the tourism sector.

The future is hopeful, we are today a solid company with a team of great professionals and a wide portfolio of clients.

We continue to maintain the same enthusiasm as the first day to continue improving and convinced to meet another 15 years. We would like this to be a small, but sincere, tribute to all those who have been part of the life of this company, workers, customers, suppliers … and soon to be able to celebrate it with all of you.

To everybody THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!!