From Dome Consulting, a leading Spanish company in the development and implementation of tourism technologies and software, we are pleased to announce our recent entry into the new governing bodies of Turistec. After its last renovation, Pedro Roser, founding partner of Dome Consulting & Solutions is part of them, as a Vocal.


As is already known, TurisTec is a renowned cluster of tourism technologies, made up of almost 80 private companies and public entities in the Balearic Islands.


The companies that are part of TurisTec employ some 1,200 specialized professionals, who each day provide new technological solutions of the latest generation to tour operators, travel agencies, hotel chains, airlines, cruise companies, tourist destinations, etc.


Very recently, those responsible for TurisTec have disseminated news that is equivalent to a valuable progression in their strategic perspectives, through the incorporation into their governing bodies of the Hotel Business Federation of Mallorca (FEHN) and the University of the Balearic Islands ( UIB).


On the other hand, it is also necessary to note that the important touristic group Globalia has presented its formal request a few days ago to acquire the status of new partner of TurisTec.


However, one of the most important developments in the horizon of TurisTec is given to us by its firm and express will to bet strongly on the internationalization of the business activity of the companies that make up this technological cluster.


The Balearic Islands are called to be a world leader in the sector and the time has come to assert this potential beyond our borders.


Innovative tourism technologies, competitiveness, excellence and internationalization should be the keys that mark the growth and continuity in the success of TurisTec and the important group of companies and entities that share similar strategic approaches.


At Dome Consulting we are fully committed to the goal of internationalization and we are committed with strength and determination to the Vision, Mission and Values of the tourist and technological cluster of the Balearic Islands, TurisTec.