Information Systems Consulting

We have extensive experience in the development of technological solutions for the tourism sector, which allows us to professionally advise organizations and companies on how to develop an ICT strategy or project within the tourism field.
We help our clients to be more competitive, efficient and innovative, through information systems.

Thanks to our experience,
we are able to bring value beyond technology


Strategic Consulting

We align IT strategy with business strategy.

We help design the best technology strategy in order to improve competitiveness in your sector.

We help to define the way, marking the steps, in order to guarantee the objectives, reducing the risk, the economic and organizational impact..

We have experience in understanding the problems of an organization to help you define an ICT strategy according to your needs.

Optimize operational processes
through the use of new technologies

Optimizamos los procesos operativos a través del uso de las nuevas tecnologías

We help to alienate the operational processes with the business strategy of companies in the tourism sector through the use of IT.

Dome Consulting not only supports the redesign of processes, but also supports change management, assisting with communication strategies, training and implementation of organizational changes.

Consulting in selection and
Implementation of solutions

We help ICT investments to be the most successful

Our experience and knowledge allows us to help our clients define their needs, evaluate the different technological alternatives, adopt the best decision and carry out their implementation.

We reduce uncertainty by providing experience and know-how in the implementation of technological projects in the field of tourism.

Consulting Systems Information
and Big Data

The value of controlling the data

We advise companies in the tourism sector to define and implement Big Data solutions and services

We have the knowledge and experience necessary to take advantage of the value of the data.


Consultants on solutions Based on
Magnolia CMS

Since 2008, developing applications on Magnolia technology

Dome has specialized in deploying multi-site solutions based on Magnolia CMS. With more than 100 online websites in one solution.

Thanks to our experience we facilitate the implementation and development of solutions based on Magnolia technology

The main benefits of working with us:

  • Reduction of optimization cycle
    It helps to shorten the duration of the process optimization cycle by taking advantage of the new technologies that these external companies have developed over time, which results in profitable and efficient results.

  • Global vision
    Our experience of collaborating with many companies allows us to provide a global vision of best practices.

  • Operational efficiency.
    There are three factors involved in optimizing production processes: fixed investment in assets, engineering resources and additional labor. At the same time, this means that the company has enough funding to invest in other resources to expand its core competencies.

  • Higher ROIs.
    We reduce the times of development, we have wide experience in deploying diversity of technological solutions in an endless number of clients.

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