We advise companies in the tourism sector to define and implement Big Data solutions and services.

We have the knowledge and experience necessary to take advantage of the value of the data.

We extract the maximum value from your Big Data and business analytics


Technology Assessment

Dome Consulting will provide you with a report of the existing technological options, both proprietary solutions and those based on free software, and advise you on the solution that best suits your business.



Dome Consulting has extensive experience in the design and implementation of systems for analysis and processing of large volumes of data. We will be in charge of the design and revision of its architecture.




We take care of everything from the development of prototypes to execution of tests and the implementation of complete systems.



Count on Dome Consulting as a consultant Big data for your implementation in your business. We have the right expertise and professionals to help you with critical decisions by reducing risk and increasing your chances of success.

The main benefits of intelligent data management:

  • Detection of trends and behaviors
    El Big Data permite hallar patrones de comportamiento y tendencias de consumo que, con métodos y técnicas tradicionales, resultan casi imposibles de detectar.

  • Customer knowledge and product development. Can be used as a tool to discover and measure the influence of customers and non-customers on each channel; How they impact their networks, friends and followers; Analyze links between influencers and their networks and the fluctuation of their messages and those of their competitors.

  • Predictive Analysis. Big Data can help organizations anticipate market and customer behavior and respond proactively.

  • Agility in decision making.
    Big Data allows you to activate actions that would otherwise require complex controls and a relatively long time.

  • Optimization of processes.
    Real-time access to reliable information on all aspects of the business allows you to adjust processes and protocols.

  • Attraction and customer loyalty.
    Big Data offers Marketing departments the opportunity to segment their audiences according to their actions and preferences over time; Analyze the propensity to buy other types of products or services; Determine the best time to make cross-selling and up-selling offers and know more accurately the impact of their campaigns.

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