It offers the necessary tools to control all the aspects associated with excursions.

It covers all the operational stages for excursion management, from the composition and contracting of the services that compose it, to the administrative processes, including complete analysis of associated costs and profitability.

Manage in an agile and intuitive way, excursions and tours

  • Creation of products. Based on the combination of different services, including the transport associated with the excursion, if this includes it.

  • Ticket-only management. For tickets sales (tickets, etc.), as well as tours operated by other suppliers.

  • Sales channels. TTOO in origin (through backoffice, XML and web). Sale at destination, by checkbooks or sales terminals associated with sellers.

  • Sales management. • Sales management.

  • Operative.Easy and very visual management of the aspects related to the operation: allocation of suppliers and costs. Notifications and listings to customers and suppliers.

Control of excursions commercialization, with an efficient operation

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