DOMEHorizon offers the possibility to manage rates of any type of product and then sell through different channels, internal and external. It facilitates control to decide how to sell and to whom.

Empowers direct sales through a web page and facilitates access to behavioral analysis and sales study systems.

A unique platform for the dynamization of destinations


Rate Manager

Maintain and control all your sales rates and policies from a single point.

  • Management of rates for all types of services.
  • Definition of sales policies and promotional codes.
  • Publication against OTA’s systems (Booking, Expedia, Hotelbeds, etc.).
  • Operational module for the management of reserves.
  • Maintenance of all the multimedia contents of the services.


Channel Manager

Publication from one unique point your rates to the most relevant operators in the market.

  • Connection with travel agencies, tour operators, incoming travel agencies and OTA’s.
  • Sales policies to stablish distribution rules.
  • Grouping of channels to make a joint management of the sales criteria.
  • Centralized quota management.
  • Download reservations directly to the PMS.


Booking engine 3.0

Have a powerful booking engine, oriented to the conversion and direct sale..

  • Multilanguage and multi-currency.
  • Highly configurable and easy to use. 100% response.
  • Simplified process in 3 steps, with an optimized load speed.
  • Calendar and search alternative system.
  • Possibility to highlight rates.
  • Secure shopping environment through virtual POS.


Content Manager

Agile management of your web contents.

  • Very intuitive and dynamic interface for customization of your web.
  • Online editing with preview changes before publishing.
  • Easy integration on marketing systems and web analytics.
  • Extensive battery of functions oriented to sale tourist products with support for B2B, B2C and call centers.


Sales and web analytics

Monitor key business data and establish sales patterns.

  • Ability to generate customized reports.
  • Control panels to facilitate sales analysis.
  • Access to comparative patterns to facilitate the study of market trends.
  • Sales ranks by product characteristics.
  • Integrated with the main web analytics tools.


Call center and B2B

Offer your customers a specialized telephone support and sales service.

  • Support throughout the reservation process over the phone.
  • Possibility of hiring multiple phone numbers.
  • Expert agents in telephone attention and sales.
  • Support in diverse languages and with ample hours of attention.
  • Multi-agency environment.

DOMEHorizon, define your product according to your needs

  • A global solution.
    Centralizes the management of rates and their distribution through all types of online sales channels, own and third parties.

  • With the latest technology.
    Give access to hoteliers the latest technology used by leading companies in the sector.

  • Personalized attention.
    Expert agents will advise the customer during the sale and will help to increase bookings.

  • Optimize online visibility and increase sales.
    Increase online presence of the product, connecting to the most important sales channels in the sector.

  • Last generation.
    Continuous improvement to offer the maximum stability and fast responses times.

  • Efficient management and control.
    Any changes in price or availability, will be updated in real time on all connected channels.

  • Tailor made answers.
    Evolution of the environment to adapt to the needs of the customer at all times, anticipating market trends.

  • Experience in the tourism sector.
    An experienced solution that has evolved within the market trends and gives solutions to all our customer’s needs.

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