DOMETour is Dome’s solution for wholesalers and tour operators.

In a single working environment you can manage the complete selling process for any type of tourism product.
Offers all the flexibility to cover the specific needs of any tour operator, regardless of its characteristics.

It is the comprehensive management system that guarantees the control of tourist operations.



You can manage own and third party accommodation product.

  • Business processes management for accommodation commercialization.
  • Comprehensive management of any type of quotas and contracts.
  • Constant monitoring of quotas.
  • Definition of policies according to supplier’s sales commitments.
  • Advanced operations: rooming list, RQs claims, etc.
  • Supplier extranet to manage rates, offers and quotas.
  • Integrated with several accounting programs.


Travel packages

Total flexibility on packaging (static or dynamic), allowing immediate commercialization.

  • Management of the overall costs of the services, own and from third party.
  • Dynamic packages based on connections (XML) rules to external suppliers.
  • Variety of static packages models: “one stay”, “combined” and “dynamic combinations”.
  • Management of multimedia content for the package‘s dissemination.
  • Commercialization through sales channels, offline, web or XML integration.


Air and land Travel packages

Dome provides total flexibility to create, plan, book and manage packages.

  • Composition based on the combination of different services.
  • It allows the composition of tours with flights, either by quota or by GDS (Amadeus).
  • Total flexibility on the construction of tours: dates of departure, duration, extra nights, etc.
  • Complete control of costs.
  • Multi Level management of departure quotes.
  • Eases to create effective online marketing campaign.
  • Commercialization trough backoffice, web or XML.
Módulo de gestión de circuitos aéreos y terrestres

DOMETour, highest flexibility to meet your needs

  • Modular architecture.
    The structure of DOMETour allows to adapt the system to the needs of the client in the time frames that your business needs.

  • A mature solution.
    More than 15 years of evolution in the main receptive tourism, make DOMETour the most agile and comprehensive solution of the market for the management of wholesalers or tour operators. The structure of DOMETour allows you to adapt the system to the needs of the customer in the terms that your business needs.

  • An agile and automated booking introduction.
    Through the massive entry of reservations into the system, DOMETour solves the problems of lack of resources associated with large volumes of passengers.

  • Greater distribution capacity.
    A solution with an integrated sales interface, with many operators that allow the distribution of products to a greater number of customers.

  • Commercialization of third party products.
    Through XML connections, allows access to accommodations and rates of providers: channel managers, hoteliers, bed banks, etc.

  • Suppliers Extranet.
    It allows accommodation providers to update their rates, quotas, free sales and blackouts online. Changes are immediately spread across all sales channels.

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