Comprehensive management of vacation packages in its different modalities: static and dynamic.

The tool allows you to control of all processes associated with this type of product, from negotiation with suppliers, loading supplier rates, to package construction. It also supports, from maximum rigidity, to maximum flexibility with dynamic package.

Flexibility in your vacation packages with intelligent management

  • Products structure modelling. Creation of vacation packages with or without transport included. It allows to configure the products by typology, from the simplest to the most complex, in which are different stays, circuits, cruises in several destinations.

  • Simplicity in product design. With multiple wizards and self-generating data screens. It simplifies the creation of products in the DOMETour system.

  • Dynamic product. Definition of products based on access rules to XML providers. This not only facilitates loading the product, but also opens up a range of booking options.

  • Optional services. Management of optional services to book with the vocational holidays: optional transfers, excursions, meals, etc.

  • Total flexibility. Completely open design of the product, from the very rigid tourist programs (charter), to the extra nights in the different destinations of your package.

Define any type of package you can imagine.

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