Today, Diario de Mallorca brings us an interesting interview with José Antonio Guillén, CEO of Dome Consulting, which reviews the transformations that many companies from the tourism sector are now going through. In these pages, signed by Miguel Manso, a good number of interesting valuations and recommendations are uncovered, in which the head of the company Dome Consulting details some critical keys to boost the recovery of our companies in the travel and vacation sector.


According to Guillén, travel agencies, airlines, tour operators, hotels, car rental companies, etc. they live a crossroads, halfway between the effects of the crisis and the need to operate changes that restore competitiveness, based on tools and new business models based on tourism technology.


At all times, the leadership role that Dome Consulting assumes in the creation, development and implementation of technology and tourism software solutions is underlined. These are products based on innovation and technological change, master lines that must strongly condition the strategy of any company that wants to emerge stronger from the convulsive times the market is experiencing.


As it is often said, we are not experiencing a period of change, but a change of era that is already placing the final customer at the center of all innovation processes with respect to the provision of tourism services, to the detriment of intermediaries. In a certain proportion of cases, they do not add value to the product or do not help to promote a fruitful relationship of loyalty. In Guillén’s opinion, the consumer will gradually assume the most relevant role, based on the implementation of technology and tourism software with the capacity to renew the procedures to do business and pursue excellence.


This interview with José Antonio Guillén is the first of a series that today begins to publish Diario de Mallorca, which seeks to expose the vision of the most relevant entrepreneurs in our environment, with the express purpose of launching messages against the crisis.


Image: Diario de Mallorca