From now on, our company Dome Consulting & Solutions is fully integrated into the ITH (Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero), as a new partner of this innovation center for the hotel and tourism sector. As is already known, ITH is an entity that focuses its action on the objective of improving the competitiveness of the sector, through innovation and technology.


Thanks to this process, at Dome Consulting & Solutions we managed to consolidate a relationship with the Hotel Technological Institute, whose beginnings date back some time. Indeed, as of 2011, we and the ITH joined forces with the Valencian Tourism Agency for the joint development of Travel Open Apps, an important global technological tool conceived for the specific design, marketing and distribution of tourism products and services. Differentiated Travel Open Apps allows tourism companies to distribute hotels to end customers through their own channels and also through tour operators or travel agencies.


In addition, Travel Open Apps was created to be the embryo of TOURISMlink, a tourism software with the aim of becoming the European standard for distribution, with the ability to promote interoperability and interconnection between the supply and demand of tourism in the old continent. All this, counting on the added value of its use through mobile devices, with the consequent universality, comfort and immediacy, facing the end user of any tourist service. Before and after our integration as a new partner of the Hotel Technological Institute, Dome Consulting has assumed a role of undeniable prominence in the sophisticated processes of technological development for the creation of Travel Open Apps and TOURISMlink. The full availability and growing implementation of these tourism technology tools should serve to boost the potential of tour operators and also for small and medium enterprises in the European travel and holiday sector to obtain competitive advantages in management, planning and visibility in the markets.


In the words of our general director, José Antonio Guillén, Travel Open Apps and TOURISMlink will have more value to the extent that they facilitate distribution, both for the hotels themselves and for those who require these services.


In short, at Dome Consulting & Solutions we take a new step forward to strengthen our role as a leading international company in the development of tourism technologies and software.