As we have recently reflected in our blog, the TOURISMlink project is already in full swing, with the determined objective that the European tourism market can have a standard solution of advanced software platform.


Under the leadership of the Technological Hotel Institute (ITH) and the Valencian Tourism Agency, Dome Consulting is integrated as an active part of the European initiative TOURISMlink, with the responsibility of providing all the technology corresponding to the software development of this innovative technological platform of scope Continental tourist


Around July 2014, online travel agencies, tour operators, travel portals, tourism wholesalers, hotels, hotel chains, restaurants, etc., will have access to a crucial tool, which is built with the aim of promoting the best adjustment between tourist supply and demand within all the member states of the European Union. In total, it is expected that the development of TOURISMlink will extend over 30 months, although there will be many companies that can apply this solution to their distribution and commercialization processes, thanks to the successive phases foreseen in the pilot project.


In the first instance, the free incorporation of all the tourist companies of the Valencian Community is scheduled, which will constitute the initial ‘critical mass’ that will begin to benefit from the predictable excellence of TOURISMlink. Next, it is expected that tour operators and online travel agencies in the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands will be the first to join TOURISMlink from outside the borders of our country.


Before TOURISMlink can be fully completed in July 2014, the issuing markets corresponding to six more countries will also have the opportunity to become users of this technological platform, conceived to become the standard instrument destined to propitiate higher levels of balance and optimization of the distribution in the market of trips and vacations of all the European Union.